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Memmorial to Srebrenica

Srebrenica Memmorial

In may 2011 Ratko Mladic was arrested. As the main culprit he is accused of the massacre of Srebrenica. Under his command 8,000 Muslim men and boys aged 12 to 77 years were brutally murdered. This was the sad climax of the “ethnic cleansing” of Bosnia by the Serbs. This is also a symbol and a fact that minorities in ... Read More »

Europe’s Fear of China

Made in China

Since the internet bubble burst in 2000 and brought¬†the world’s stock markets to collapse neither Europe nor the U.S. could really stabilize their economic situation. The stock market rebounded shortly only to crash unnoticed again soon after. The most recent major event was the subprime mortgage crisis. As a result of this, virtually all national banks of the western countries ... Read More »

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