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This blog is about ethnopolitics and addresses minority and ethnic issues accross the world. Often such issues are interwoven with conflicts that shade far into the past and therefore we are equally devoted to historical analyses combined with actual issues. Key topics are conflict management, minority rights and of course ethnopolitics. Besides I write about economics. Very often conflicts are about resource scarcity and profit. In such a constellation ethnical issues arise easily as functional conflicts and develop a dynamic of its own. But the real motive behind an escalation might be purely or partly economical.
To some of you the posts will seem critical but I hope to deliver unbiased facts that should represent an opinion as objective as possible.

Last but not least I am interested in your stories – so get involved an send as mail or an article and we can grow together!

David X. Meier


About The Author

David X. Meier has a Master’s degree in Social Anthropology at University of Zurich and holds a doctorate in leadership studies. One of his special interest are ethnopolitical occurrences and issues and the hope that the awareness of ethnical issues will help to establish peace and understanding.

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