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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Political Participation of the Amazon Indians of Peru

Eduardo Nayap Kinin

The Amazon basin lies not only in Brazil  (different than perhaps thought) but it spreads over several countries including Peru. After the English Wikipedia about 60% of the area of Peru belongs to this geographical region (equivalent to the area of Italy and Spain together!). On April 14th in 2011 Eduardo Nayap Kinin has been elected as the first indigenous from the Amazon ... Read More »

Europe’s Fear of China

Made in China

Since the internet bubble burst in 2000 and brought the world’s stock markets to collapse neither Europe nor the U.S. could really stabilize their economic situation. The stock market rebounded shortly only to crash unnoticed again soon after. The most recent major event was the subprime mortgage crisis. As a result of this, virtually all national banks of the western countries ... Read More »

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